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4.04 CO2 + T sensor controller

Control mode

  • 0-10V output based on temperature or CO2 control (higher of both). Can be connected directly to Belimo VAV controller.
  • 0-10V or PWM output for heating.

Sensor mode

  • 0-10V output CO2 level (range adjustable)
  • 0-10V output room temperature (range adjustable)
  • 0-10V output setpoint (range adjustable)
  • Relay (2A) adjustable based on CO2 level, switching point and dead band
4.04 CO2 + T sensor controller


VAV units are used


  • Housing; galvanized steel (275 g / m²), airtight according to class “B” NEN-EN-1507 and NEN-EN-12237. Class C available on request.
  • Flap blade; sandwich construction, 1.5mm SBR rubber sheeting with an insert between 2 galvanized steel sheets.
  • Bearings; NYLON (PP6.6), maintenance free
  • Klepas; Aluminum ø12 mm
  • Operating temperature + 5 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Storage temperature –5 ° C to + 70 ° C


  • 2% accuracy
  • Extruded aluminum measuring profile.
  • Hole distribution according to Log-Tchebycheff method.
  • Average measurement over 6, 8 or 10 measuring points.
  • Amplification of measurement signal with at least 2.5x.
  • Accurate measurement from 1.0m / s air speed
  • Rounded measuring openings make the FloXact ™ insensitive to skewed or turbulent flow up to 30º in all directions relative to the profile axis.

Control (optional)

  • The units are supplied complete with factory calibrated controllers
  • All VAV units can be supplied with analog, DDC or pneumatic controllers.
  • Installation of control equipment supplied free of charge possible in consultation.
  • All control equipment is standard mounted on the right-hand side (viewed with the direction of air) of the unit unless stated otherwise when ordering.

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