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Air-Concepts Ltd. is a manufacturer of air distribution equipment and was established in 2005. Our specialization is speed sensors (FloXactTM) and VAV units. This is essential for the right temperature and ventilation.

The FloXacts are produced in Hoorn, the Netherlands, where both the R&D and sales departments are located.

In Trebnje, Slovenia, Air-Concepts d.o.o. produces the VAV units and other air distribution equipment, including swirl diffusers, perforated diffusers, linear diffusers, displacement diffusers, and floor diffusers.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide a suitable solution for every building and application. Customization can also be provided by our own production.

In addition to advising and delivering on new projects, Air-Concepts can also provide an objective analysis of complaints about the indoor climate and/or climate installation. Due to its knowledge and experience, Air-Concepts is also an excellent partner for optimizing, re-adjusting, or renovating existing VAV installations.

Our employees

Founder CEO Air-concepts BV

Jeroen Bos


Internationaal Vliegveld Koeweit, Terminal 2

Air-Concepts levert voor deze nieuwe terminal 500 luchtmeetstations met verschillende afmetingen van 300x200mm tot 3000x3000m…

OCEANCO Dry dock. Alblasserdam The Netherlands

Dry dock forsuper yachts up to 140×23 meter.

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Vertical toren N3 Amsterdam

112 luxe appartementen “Living in a vertical garden”.

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Our locations

United Kingdom

The Netherlands